1. 07 Feb, 2013 3 commits
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      Require autoconf 2.60, as · 0af03de5
      Gabor Greif authored
      version 2.59 seems to be incompatible with our updated macros.
      If somebody insists on 2.59 (which is almost 10 years old) I'll
      have to hunt down the reason for the recent (Dec 2012?) breakage.
      Note that I did not check with 2.60 (I have 2.65), so that one
      may still be problematic.
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      comments · c1ae31f6
      Simon Marlow authored
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      Tidy up tso->stackobj before calling threadStackUnderflow (#7636) · 2f7044de
      Simon Marlow authored
      Fixes the following crash:
        internal error: threadStackUnderflow: not enough space for return values
      when using STM.
  2. 06 Feb, 2013 9 commits
  3. 05 Feb, 2013 7 commits
  4. 04 Feb, 2013 9 commits
  5. 03 Feb, 2013 3 commits
  6. 02 Feb, 2013 6 commits
  7. 01 Feb, 2013 3 commits
    • gmainlan@microsoft.com's avatar
      Mimic OldCmm basic block ordering in the LLVM backend. · b39e4de1
      gmainlan@microsoft.com authored
      In OldCmm, the false case of a conditional was a fallthrough. In Cmm,
      conditionals have both true and false successors. When we convert Cmm to LLVM,
      we now first re-order Cmm blocks so that the false successor of a conditional
      occurs next in the list of basic blocks, i.e., it is a fallthrough, just like it
      (necessarily) did in OldCmm. Surprisingly, this can make a big performance
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      Add prefetch primops. · cc56f34e
      gmainland authored
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      Add a primop attribute llvm_only. · 089ac717
      gmainland authored
      The llvm_only attribute indicates that a primop is only available when using the
      LLVM back-end.