1. 21 Mar, 2019 6 commits
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      Remove unused XArrApp and XArrForm extension points · 1382d09e
      Ryan Scott authored
      !301 removed the `HsArrApp` and `HsArrForm` constructors, which
      renders the corresponding extension points `XArrApp` and `XArrForm`
      useless. This patch finally rips them out.
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      base: Depend upon shlwapi on Windows · 07d44ed1
      Ben Gamari authored
      As noted in #16466, `System.Environment.getExecutablePath` depends upon
      `PathFileExistsW` which is defined by `shlwapi`.
      Fixes #16466.
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      Check.hs: Fix a few typos · f199a843
      Simon Jakobi authored
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      Reject nested predicates in impredicativity checking · 8d18a873
      Ryan Scott authored
      When GHC attempts to unify a metavariable with a type containing
      foralls, it will be rejected as an occurrence of impredicativity.
      GHC was /not/ extending the same treatment to predicate types, such
      as in the following (erroneous) example from #11514:
      foo :: forall a. (Show a => a -> a) -> ()
      foo = undefined
      This will attempt to instantiate `undefined` at
      `(Show a => a -> a) -> ()`, which is impredicative. This patch
      catches impredicativity arising from predicates in this fashion.
      Since GHC is pickier about impredicative instantiations, some test
      cases needed to be updated to be updated so as not to fall afoul of
      the new validity check. (There were a surprising number of
      impredicative uses of `undefined`!) Moreover, the `T14828` test case
      now has slightly less informative types shown with `:print`. This is
      due to a a much deeper issue with the GHCi debugger (see #14828).
      Fixes #11514.
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      Add a bench flavour to Hadrian · 646e3dc2
      Sebastian Graf authored
  2. 20 Mar, 2019 32 commits
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