1. 07 May, 2001 4 commits
  2. 04 May, 2001 14 commits
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 16:36:38 by simonmar] · f3c0c257
      simonmar authored
      comment explaining why we check the perms on . before reading ./.ghci.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 15:18:00 by simonmar] · dea9b472
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      .raw_s is a haskellish_suffix.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 15:12:16 by simonmar] · 95faf8bf
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      document :set -package
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:56:53 by simonmar] · dfbbfedc
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      - only read ~/.ghci if it is owned by the current user and isn't
        writable by anyone else.
      - Only read ./.ghci if both . and ./.ghci are owned by the current
        user and aren't writable by anyone else.  I think this is
        sufficient: we don't need to check .. and ../.. etc. because "."
        always refers to the same directory while a process is running.
      - Don't load .so libraries in a package if that package is already
        linked with GHCi.  This stops us re-linking libm, libreadline etc.
      - Allow packages to be loaded from within GHCi using
      	:set -package <name>
        NOTE: this will unload all modules currently loaded into the
        interpreter.  I did this to be on the safe side - I think perhaps
        it isn't necessary, but I haven't thought it through fully yet.
      - fix CompManager.cmUnload in the process.  It was wrong in several
      MERGE WITH 5.00
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:53:44 by simonpj] · 42cbdbec
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      Add mutual recursion between types test
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:44:07 by simonpj] · 0aca75a2
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      Add more TC tracing
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:43:49 by simonmar] · 24475557
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      touch# should be declared to have_side_effects.  This fixes the
      remaining problem with safe foreign imports and ForeignPtrs.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:43:26 by simonpj] · cb2d1981
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      ****	MERGE WITH 5.00 BRANCH     ********
      	Fix a black hole when type checking type decls
      GHC was falling into a black hole when type checking a recursive
      group of type declarations including a chain of type synonyms.
        type PhraseFun = PMap -> Float
        type PMap      = () -> Player
        data Player    = P.MkT P.PhraseFun
      Reason: too much consistency checking in TcMonoType.
      Easily fixed using the existing wimp_out hack, but it's a mess.
      This commit fixes it for the 5.00 branch but I'll do something
      better in the head shortly.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:40:42 by simonpj] · d6888704
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      Comments only
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 14:23:52 by rrt] · ed4dae3d
      rrt authored
      Script to change "cygwin1.dll" to something else, so that we can have our
      own version of the cygwin DLL that doesn't clash with any installed DLLs,
      for great justice.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 13:21:05 by simonmar] · 0d18f027
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      	flushPackageCache :: [PackageConfig] -> IO ()
      for modifying the list of available packages.
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 09:37:13 by qrczak] · e0c787c1
      qrczak authored
      Since overlapping rules (when one is more specific than the other)
      seem to be handled well, add remaining fromIntegral rules to have
      optimal conversions in all cases (given available primops).
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 08:10:30 by simonpj] · cf158e40
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      Comments only
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      [project @ 2001-05-04 08:09:42 by simonpj] · 30c2423b
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      ****	MERGE WITH 5.00 BRANCH     ********
      	Make CPR work only for small products
      GHC was barfing when doing CPR for programs involving very large
      products.  A one-line fix in MkId.mkDataCon makes it only do CPR for
      smaller products (I chose 10).  Comments
      -- We do not treat very big tuples as CPR-ish:
      --	a) for a start we get into trouble because there aren't
      --	   "enough" unboxed tuple types (a tiresome restriction,
      --	   but hard to fix),
      --	b) more importantly, big unboxed tuples get returned mainly
      --	   on the stack, and are often then allocated in the heap
      --	   by the caller.  So doing CPR for them may in fact make
      --	   things worse.
      This should fix the error
      	Failed to find interface decl for
      I hope.
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