1. 04 Jun, 2001 3 commits
  2. 02 Jun, 2001 1 commit
  3. 01 Jun, 2001 4 commits
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      [project @ 2001-06-01 17:14:07 by apt] · c66f666e
      apt authored
      added support for emiting external core format
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      [project @ 2001-06-01 14:33:01 by sewardj] · 6e5b016d
      sewardj authored
      More tracking of IO lib changes.
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      [project @ 2001-06-01 13:07:35 by sewardj] · 30a35f3d
      sewardj authored
      Track recent changes to lib/std for mingw.  Mostly, make all seeked-on
      file handles be in binary mode.
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      [project @ 2001-06-01 13:06:01 by sewardj] · 4f3c6654
      sewardj authored
      More fixups to make the new IO lib work on mingw.
      * Outlaw changing the file position on a text-mode file.  After
        consideration of the mingw translation semantics I cannot see
        how to make a correct implementation.
      * Add a field to Handle__ to say whether or not the handle is in
        binary mode.
      * Restrict seek operations on Handles to those in binary mode.
      * Export hSetBinaryMode from IO.lhs.
  4. 31 May, 2001 18 commits
  5. 30 May, 2001 4 commits
  6. 29 May, 2001 5 commits
  7. 28 May, 2001 5 commits
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      [project @ 2001-05-28 17:34:24 by qrczak] · 15a7e6ba
      qrczak authored
      Fix removing temporary files.
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      [project @ 2001-05-28 13:57:19 by simonmar] · 2e63bea6
      simonmar authored
      When we auto-load a module because the user typed a qualified name at
      the prompt, we better not auto-load a home interface (because we won't
      have the code to go with it).
      So, introduce a new constructor in the WhereFrom datatype, namely
      ImportByCmdLine for these auto-imports, and make findAndReadIface fail
      if it tries to load a home interface by this route.
      ToDo: GHCi should *never* demand-load a home interface under any
      circumstances, but we don't have an ASSERT for this yet.
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      [project @ 2001-05-28 12:56:35 by simonmar] · 15cf6d3b
      simonmar authored
      Change the GHCi monad from type
      	GHCiState -> IO (GHCiState, a)
      	IORef GHCiState -> IO a
      to avoid losing recent changes to the state when we receive an
      exception (which would normally be harmless, except that the state
      isn't purely functional: it must match some state kept by the RTS's
      dynamic linker).  Asynchonous exceptions could still cause us some
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      [project @ 2001-05-28 11:42:56 by simonpj] · 5a023eed
      simonpj authored
      Wibble for scoped type variables
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      [project @ 2001-05-28 07:13:54 by sof] · 63ae274a
      sof authored
      get rid of some more cpp warnings