1. 26 Feb, 1998 1 commit
  2. 25 Feb, 1998 14 commits
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 20:00:54 by sof] · e32b12a4
      sof authored
      Clarified various cygwin32 install gotchas
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 19:48:54 by sof] · 33362962
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      Interface file version checking support. Added a compiler version field
      to the interface file header. The format is now
        _interface_ <IfaceName> <ModuleVersion> <CompilerVersion>
      where the compiler version follow the value of $(ProjectVersionInt).
      Any mismatch in version numbers causes the renamer to give up.
      A compiler version number of 0 means turn off version checking (used
      by PrelGHC.hi to avoid having to update every time we release.)
      .hi-boot files are treated specially, the absence of a compiler
      version number in the header is taken to mean that there was a `0'.
      Need to do this since hsc's .hi-boot files have to also be useable
      by versions of the compiler that don't grok version info in interface
      files (e.g., ghc-2.10.)
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 19:29:52 by sof] · 6af6951b
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      Dictionaries are now named as follows:
      where "n" is a positive int, "tycon" is the name of the tyvar/tycon
      of the first argument to the "class" that the dict represent an
      instance of.
      The change should improve the behaviour of the recompilation
      checker, preventing the recompilation of all the dependents
      of a module whenever a data type of instance is added to it.
      (The common behaviour should be no recompilations, but there
      are cases where the naming scheme fails to prevent a recompile.)
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 19:17:19 by sof] · edfe9359
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      Magic constant removal (id.h now has #defines for the `special-syntax'
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 19:13:54 by sof] · 8ec9c0c0
      sof authored
      Removed old and unused #defines
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 16:06:49 by simonm] · 28a7a262
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      remove references to hslibs, and update the story w/ respect to the
      literate tools.
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 16:03:04 by simonm] · e29ba33d
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      remove hslibs reference, add \$Id\$.
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 16:02:11 by simonm] · d22ca7ea
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      remove references to hslibs, and add \$Id\$
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 16:00:29 by simonm] · e196d98a
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      InstHsLibDir isn't used: nuke.
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 15:59:43 by simonm] · 3d55cb1e
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      remove references to hslibs.
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 14:35:37 by simonm] · 6c01550d
      simonm authored
      Don't use lazy unboxed bindings in strictToLazyST.  Write out what we
      want explicity using case expressions.
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 13:03:45 by sof] · d60d7500
      sof authored
      cygwin32: if no -o given, tell linker to create main.exe
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 12:59:55 by sof] · 287befa4
      sof authored
      HPUX fix to allow non-empty consistency chunks pass through OK
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      [project @ 1998-02-25 12:17:06 by sof] · a9ec0520
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      Prefix output with a newline to cope with Makefiles not having a newline at the end
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