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      [project @ 2003-04-22 20:39:59 by igloo] · c21fbf92
      igloo authored
      Order declarations in reifications in order of source line number.
      The bugs still there but it bites less often now...
      Also remove the type parameterisation and do some type renaming as
      discussed on the template-haskell list.
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      [project @ 2003-04-22 16:25:08 by simonmar] · 1da232fc
      simonmar authored
      Fix an obscure bug: the most general kind of heap check,
      HEAP_CHECK_GEN(), is supposed to save the contents of *every* register
      known to the STG machine (used in cases where we either can't figure
      out which ones are live, or doing so would be too much hassle).  The
      problem is that it wasn't saving the L1 register.
      A slight complication arose in that saving the L1 register pushed the
      size of the frame over the 16 words allowed for the size of the bitmap
      stored in the frame, so I changed the layout of the frame a bit.
      Describing all the registers using a single bitmap is overkill when
      only 8 of them can actually be pointers, so now the bitmap is only 8
      bits long and we always skip over a fixed number of non-ptr words to
      account for all the non-ptr regs.  This is all described in StgMacros.h.
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      [project @ 2003-04-22 11:44:17 by simonpj] · 3c85beaf
      simonpj authored
      Fix the context for derived Typeable instances
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      [project @ 2003-04-22 09:30:52 by simonpj] · fcda69ed
      simonpj authored
      Stage-2 wibbles to the Expected type changes
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  13. 17 Apr, 2003 5 commits
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      [project @ 2003-04-17 15:23:32 by simonpj] · 6e6f5469
      simonpj authored
      	Implement Typeable properly
      1.  Add 'deriving' for Typeable class. So you can say
      	data T a b = .... deriving( Typeable )
          At the moment you only get this if you ask for it. If you say
          nothing you get nothing.
      2.  Implement Typeable better, with proper O(1) comparison of
          type representations
      3.  Add the 'cast' operation described in 'Scrap your boilerplate'
          and use it.
      4.  Consequence: need to move the definition of IOArray from
          Data.Array.IO.Internals to GHC.IOBase, where it joins IORef.
          This is necssary so that HashTable can be low down in the compilation
          hierarchy, and hence so can Dynamic.
      	WARNING: I'm not certain the imports in HashTable and Dynamic
      		 will all be right for Hugs and NHC. I hope you can
      	  	 fix them up.
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      [project @ 2003-04-17 15:22:38 by simonpj] · f238dae7
      simonpj authored
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      [project @ 2003-04-17 14:12:15 by simonpj] · 989039af
      simonpj authored
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      [project @ 2003-04-17 12:00:58 by simonmar] · 6166618b
      simonmar authored
      Comment fix
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      [project @ 2003-04-17 07:13:54 by simonpj] · fb147188
      simonpj authored
      Update hi-boot files
  14. 16 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      [project @ 2003-04-16 13:34:13 by simonpj] · 221b6b69
      simonpj authored
       Use the Infer/Check idea for typechecking higher-rank types
      The main idea is that
      	data Expected ty = Infer (TcRef ty) | Check ty
      	tcMonoExpr :: Expr -> Expected TcRhoType -> TcM Expra
      This "Expected" type tells tcMonoExpr whether it's doing inference or
      checking.  It replaces the "HoleTv" flavour of type variable.
      This actually leads to slightly more lines of code, but it's much
      clearer, and the new type distinctions showed up several subtle bugs
      in the previous implementation.  It all arose out of writing the
      prototype implementation for the paper.
      Error messages wibble around a little bit.  I'm not quite certain why!  But the
      changes look like improvements to me.
  15. 15 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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      [project @ 2003-04-15 14:37:12 by simonmar] · 91af47d4
      simonmar authored
      Fix bug in forkProcess: it should be using RET_N rather than returing
      directly.  Makes a difference for unregisterised only.
      Remove dead code in atomicModifyMVarzh_fast.
  16. 14 Apr, 2003 2 commits