1. 08 Mar, 2005 15 commits
  2. 07 Mar, 2005 9 commits
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 17:46:24 by simonpj] · a1636622
      simonpj authored
             Make sure that LiberateCase only binds Internal Names
      	Merge to STABLE
      The nested bindings generated by LiberateCase should be Internal as
      well as not-exported.  Otherwise an External Name can float to top level,
      where it might name-clash with another one.
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 16:46:08 by simonpj] · 36d22a1c
      simonpj authored
             Fix a long-standing indirection-zapping bug
      	Merge to STABLE
      Up to now we zap indirections as part of the occurence analyser.
      But this is bogus.  The indirection zapper does the following:
      	x_local = <expression>
      	x_exported = x_local
      where x_exported is exported, and x_local is not, then we
      replace it with this:
      	x_exported = <expression>
      	x_local = x_exported
      But this is plain wrong if x_exported has a RULE that mentions
      something (f, say) in ...bindings.., because 'f' will then die.
      After hacking a few solutions, I've eventually simply made the indirection
      zapping into a separate pass (which is cleaner anyway), which wraps the
      entire program back into a single Rec if the bad thing can happen.
      On the way I've made indirection-zapping work in Recs too, which wasn't the
      case before.
      * Move the zapper from OccurAnal into SimplCore
      * Tidy up the printing of pragmas (PprCore and friends)
      * Add a new function Rules.addRules
      * Merge rules in the indirection zapper (previously one set was discarded)
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 15:59:27 by simonmar] · 30d8d383
      simonmar authored
      Include WORD_SIZE_IN_BITS in the interface header, and test it when
      reading.  Fixes a problem whereby GHC on a 64-bit platform will crash
      if it tries to read an interface file generated by the same version of
      GHC on a 32-bit platform.
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 15:16:58 by simonpj] · bcacf0b7
      simonpj authored
             Fix scoping bug for quantified type variables
      	Merge to STABLE
      When instantiating a declaration type signature, make sure to instantiate
      fresh names for non-scoped type variables, else they may be spuriously shared.
      Turns out that the test lib/Generics/reify tests this, which is good.
      Comments are with TcMType.tcInstSigType
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 15:16:41 by simonmar] · 57f94a24
      simonmar authored
      Try once more to get this #include right, and add a comment
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 14:52:20 by simonmar] · 0c7c7de8
      simonmar authored
      ghc_boot_platform.h is the right way to get hold of the platform
      defines inside the compiler.
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 13:18:51 by simonmar] · 0c167905
      simonmar authored
      Mention not to use comments on the same line as OPTIONS_GHC
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 13:18:19 by simonmar] · 9942fd14
      simonmar authored
      Fix validate bug
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      [project @ 2005-03-07 12:20:28 by simonmar] · 04e294bd
      simonmar authored
      Add missing hs_* symbols
  3. 05 Mar, 2005 4 commits
  4. 04 Mar, 2005 3 commits
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      [project @ 2005-03-04 19:19:56 by sof] · 75d52d81
      sof authored
      Since MachDeps.h doesn't include ghcconfig.h, include it specifically here
      (for the benefit of mingw). That may not be the right file to use in the
      grander scheme of things tho.
      Merge to STABLE (or something equivalent; as-is STABLE doesn't build on mingw.)
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      [project @ 2005-03-04 12:04:00 by simonmar] · caa7c91d
      simonmar authored
      We shouldn't be including ghcconfig.h here
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      [project @ 2005-03-04 12:01:11 by simonmar] · 7f5ad47f
      simonmar authored
      include ghcautoconf.h rather than ghcconfig.h, the reason being that
      this file is included form the compiler, and we don't want the
      platform defines from ghcplatform.h.
  5. 03 Mar, 2005 2 commits
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      [project @ 2005-03-03 11:48:02 by chak] · 706ebc79
      chak authored
      Merge to STABLE
      Fixed two bugs:
      * #1035575 from SourceForge (by adding smart constructors for source tuple
        construction at value and type level)
      * Parallel array comprehensions were handled wrongly
        - The singleton expression-pattern pair `()'-`[:():]' is the neutral element
          for cross products (comma notation in comprehensions), but not for
          parallel comprehensions.
        - Now groups of parallel statements are handled separately (which is more
          like the vanilla list comprehension case).
        - The code is too general in that it correctly handles cross-products of
          groups of parallel qualifiers.  As this is correctly handled in the
          list and the array comprehension case, the syntax may be generalised to
          allow arbitrary nesting of cross-products and parallel qualifiers.
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      [project @ 2005-03-03 10:37:57 by simonmar] · fc9bacde
      simonmar authored
      Sparc: allow whitespace before .section directive.  Should fix
      linking problems on sparc/solaris.
  6. 02 Mar, 2005 7 commits