1. 21 Nov, 2016 4 commits
  2. 20 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  3. 18 Nov, 2016 5 commits
    • Matthew Pickering's avatar
      Optimise whole module exports · 4b72f859
      Matthew Pickering authored
      We directly build up the correct AvailInfos rather than generating
      lots of singleton instances and combining them with expensive calls to
      There are two other small changes.
      * Pushed the nubAvails call into the explicit export list
        branch as we construct them correctly and uniquely ourselves.
      * fix_faminst only needs to check the first element of the export
        list as we maintain the (yucky) invariant that the parent is the
        first thing in it.
      Reviewers: simonpj, austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: simonpj, bgamari
      Subscribers: simonpj, thomie, niteria
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2657
      GHC Trac Issues: #12754
    • Ryan Scott's avatar
      Add Data instance for Const · 3bd1dd4d
      Ryan Scott authored
      Fixes #12438. As discussed on the Haskell libraries mailing list here:
      Reviewers: hvr, austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2726
      GHC Trac Issues: #12438
    • Gabor Greif's avatar
      Spelling in comment only · d328abc8
      Gabor Greif authored
    • Tamar Christina's avatar
      Add missing SMP symbols to RT linker. · 94d1221c
      Tamar Christina authored
      Add some missing symbols that we
      export from the public headers but forgot to include
      in the runtime linker's symbol table.
      This is a bit of a unsatifactory patch, since we have a bit of a
      cat and mouse game going. We should find a way to automate this.
      But I know of no good solutions at the moment that won't add all
      rts symbols (including those we don't have an extern declaration for.).
      So for now, just add the ones reported missing.
      Test Plan: inplace/bin/ghc-stage2.exe --interactive
      Reviewers: RyanGlScott, austin, erikd, simonmar, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie, #ghc_windows_task_force
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2727
      GHC Trac Issues: #12846
    • Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar
      Switch to LLVM version 3.9 · 9c39e09a
      Erik de Castro Lopo authored
      Test Plan:
      Build and test on x86_64/linux (perf-llvm) and armhf/linux.
      Reviewers: austin, hvr, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: RyanGlScott, thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2719
  4. 17 Nov, 2016 11 commits
  5. 16 Nov, 2016 9 commits
  6. 15 Nov, 2016 3 commits
  7. 14 Nov, 2016 6 commits
    • Sylvain HENRY's avatar
      Skip 64-bit symbol tables · 1b336d90
      Sylvain HENRY authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      This patch makes the RTS linker skip 64-bit symbol table entries.  See
      Test Plan: validate
      Reviewers: austin, erikd, simonmar, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: osa1, thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2697
      GHC Trac Issues: #12827
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      configure: Verify that GCC recognizes -no-pie flag · 011af2bf
      Ben Gamari authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      It seems like GCC versions prior to 4.8 exit with code 0 when faced with
      an unrecognized flag. Silly compilers.
      Test Plan: Validate
      Reviewers: hvr, austin, ggreif
      Reviewed By: ggreif
      Subscribers: thomie, erikd
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2707
      GHC Trac Issues: #12759
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      testsuite: Fix creep of T4029 · cb168900
      Ben Gamari authored
      Ostensibly due to IfaceType rework, but I have my doubts.
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Fix numa001 failure with "too many NUMA nodes" · e0ca7ff3
      Simon Marlow authored
      It seems that recent versions of the Linux kernel are using larger NUMA
      bitmasks; I see 1024 on my laptop running a 4.6.5 kernel.  This causes
      the NUMA tests to fail.  I'm fixing it to only fail if we have that many
      actual *nodes*, rather than failing if the size of the mask is too big.
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Accept output for scc003 · 034e01e4
      Simon Marlow authored
      Looks like e3f341f3 broke it, but we
      wouldn't have noticed because the test isn't run in validate.
      I think the change is OK.  We don't get a tick for x' any more, because
      it is converted directly to a case instead of a let-binding, but we
      still get a tick for the "pattern binding" (!x').  This could be better
      - f.(...) isn't all that intuitive - but it's not strictly wrong.
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Remove CONSTR_STATIC · 55d535da
      Simon Marlow authored
      We currently have two info tables for a constructor
      * XXX_con_info: the info table for a heap-resident instance of the
        constructor, It has type CONSTR, or one of the specialised types like
      * XXX_static_info: the info table for a static instance of this
        constructor, which has type CONSTR_STATIC or CONSTR_STATIC_NOCAF.
      I'm getting rid of the latter, and using the `con_info` info table for
      both static and dynamic constructors.  For rationale and more details
      see Note [static constructors] in SMRep.hs.
      I also removed these macros: `isSTATIC()`, `ip_STATIC()`,
      `closure_STATIC()`, since they relied on the CONSTR/CONSTR_STATIC
      distinction, and anyway HEAP_ALLOCED() does the same job.
      Test Plan: validate
      Reviewers: bgamari, simonpj, austin, gcampax, hvr, niteria, erikd
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2690
      GHC Trac Issues: #12455
  8. 13 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      Kill Type pretty-printer · 6c0f10fa
      Ben Gamari authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      Here we consolidate the pretty-printing logic for types in IfaceType. We
      need IfaceType regardless and the printer for Type can be implemented in
      terms of that for IfaceType. See #11660.
      Note that this is very much a work-in-progress. Namely I still have yet
      to ponder how to ease the hs-boot file situation, still need to rip out
      more dead code, need to move some of the special cases for, e.g., `*` to
      the IfaceType printer, and need to get it to validate. That being said,
      it comes close to validating as-is.
      Test Plan: Validate
      Reviewers: goldfire, austin
      Subscribers: goldfire, thomie, simonpj
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D2528
      GHC Trac Issues: #11660