1. 22 Jan, 2002 8 commits
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 16:58:37 by simonmar] · d98d9004
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      More wibbles, sigh.  Must have been typing with my elbows when I made
      that change.
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 16:50:29 by simonmar] · 37f0db38
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      CmRunDeadlocked no longer exists
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 15:55:59 by simonmar] · 4b5ef150
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      Fix wibbles in previous commit.
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 14:47:52 by simonmar] · 46c2362e
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      Strip whitespace from the beginning of the line when looking for
      OPTIONS pragmas.
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 13:54:22 by simonmar] · 33a7aa8b
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      Deadlock is now an exception instead of a return status from
      The current behaviour is as follows, and can be changed if necessary:
      in the event of a deadlock, the top main thread is taken from the main
      thread queue, and if it is blocked on an MVar or an Exception (for
      throwTo), then it receives a Deadlock exception.  If it is blocked on
      a BLACKHOLE, we instead send it the NonTermination exception.  Note
      that only the main thread gets the exception: it is the responsibility
      of the main thread to unblock other threads if necessary.
      There's a slight difference in the SMP build: *all* the main threads
      get an exception, because clearly none of them may make progress
      (compared to the non-SMP situation, where all but the top main thread
      are usually blocked).
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 13:35:36 by simonmar] · 483817dd
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      Attempt to fix the problems with missing instances once more.
      The current problem is that in the case where a ModDetails is being
      constructed from its interface (in compilation manager modes) we
      weren't getting any instances because the instances are gotten from
      the [InstInfo] returned from tcInstDecls1, which only contains
      *source* instance declarations.  Fix: return a list of DFuns defined
      in the current module from tcInstDecls1, to be plugged into the
      ModDetails later.
      Also: revert the previous change to the isLocalThing predicate,
      because now we really want to know which dfuns come from the current
      module.  The comment about the iface_dfuns containing only package and
      local instances is incorrect in batch-compile mode, because we also
      demand-load stuff from home package interfaces, so I deleted this
      comment and fixed up some of the other commentary.
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 13:09:36 by simonmar] · c1980f1d
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      Fix for a change in CPP's behaviour in gcc 2.96 relative to 2.95.
      Unlit used to inject '# <line> <file>' at the beginning of the output
      file, but in gcc 2.96 this is ignored.  Instead we have to inject
      '#line <line> <file>', which in turn means that GHC's lexer has to
      understand this kind of pragma in addition to the plain '#' form, in
      the case when we aren't running CPP after unlitting.
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      [project @ 2002-01-22 13:04:13 by simonmar] · 0da14097
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      Import wibbles
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      [project @ 2002-01-09 12:41:45 by simonmar] · f587e76c
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      First cut at enhancing the facilities for manipulating the scope in
      GHCi.  The scope now consists of
        1. the full top-level scope of zero or more interpreted modules
        2. the exports from zero or more modules
        3. the temporary bindings
      The sets 1 & 2 are manipulated using an extended :m command: eg :m +A
      will add module A to either set 1 or two depending on whether A is
      interpreted, and :m -A will remove it.  The user interface may change,
      pending feedback from the punters on the mailing list.
      'Prelude' is automatically added to the scope if set 1 is empty and
      set 2 doesn't already contain it.
      We now cache the GlobalRdrEnv for the current scope between
      evaluations in the InteractiveContext, and also the current
      PrintUnqualified setting (which also depends on the scope).
      Cvs: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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      [project @ 2002-01-09 10:29:32 by simonmar] · 1c424fdb
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      Back out previous fix, I've hacked it in a different place which is at
      least closer to the source of the problem.
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      [project @ 2002-01-09 10:27:41 by simonmar] · fc7496ec
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      Don't add -package-name if $(PACKAGE) == "rts".  THis is a HACK and we
      need to fix the mess in ghc/rts/Makefile properly.
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  11. 07 Jan, 2002 6 commits