Install ghc dependencies

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podman ppc64le-linux


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build-ppc64le-linux-opensuse151 Build
  binutils binutils-devel cpp cpp7 gcc gcc7 glibc-devel gmp-devel libasan4 libatomic1 libdw-devel libelf-devel libgmpxx4 libgomp1 libisl15 libitm1 liblsan0 libmpc3 libmpfr6 libtsan0 libubsan0 linux-glibc-devel ncurses-devel pkg-config tack xz xz-devel zlib-devel

28 new packages to install.
Overall download size: 58.9 MiB. Already cached: 0 B. After the operation, additional 237.0 MiB will be used.
Continue? [y/n/v/...? shows all options] (y): Cannot read input: bad stream or EOF.
If you run zypper without a terminal, use '--non-interactive' global
option to make zypper use default answers to prompts.
Error: error building at STEP "RUN zypper install binutils-devel gcc glibc-devel gmp-devel libdw-devel libelf-devel ncurses-devel xz": error while running runtime: exit status 4
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1