Commit 5d8094d3 authored by batterseapower's avatar batterseapower
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Eliminate cvtToSRTLbl (dead code)

parent b31ee14d
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ module CLabel (
entryLblToInfoLbl, cvtToClosureLbl, cvtToSRTLbl,
entryLblToInfoLbl, cvtToClosureLbl,
needsCDecl, isAsmTemp, maybeAsmTemp, externallyVisibleCLabel,
isCFunctionLabel, isGcPtrLabel, labelDynamic,
......@@ -522,14 +522,6 @@ cvtToClosureLbl l
= pprPanic "cvtToClosureLbl" (pprCLabel l)
cvtToSRTLbl (IdLabel n c (InfoTable _)) = mkSRTLabel n c
cvtToSRTLbl (IdLabel n c (Entry _)) = mkSRTLabel n c
cvtToSRTLbl (IdLabel n c ConEntry) = mkSRTLabel n c
cvtToSRTLbl l@(IdLabel n c Closure) = mkSRTLabel n c
cvtToSRTLbl l
= pprPanic "cvtToSRTLbl" (pprCLabel l)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Does a CLabel refer to a CAF?
hasCAF :: CLabel -> Bool
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