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Comments only, on Cmm data types

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......@@ -174,7 +174,9 @@ data ClosureTypeInfo
| ThunkInfo ClosureLayout C_SRT
| ThunkSelectorInfo SelectorOffset C_SRT
| ContInfo
[Maybe LocalReg] -- stack layout
[Maybe LocalReg] -- Stack layout: Just x, an item x
-- Nothing: a 1-word gap
-- Start of list is the *young* end
data CmmReturnInfo = CmmMayReturn
......@@ -95,10 +95,26 @@ data Area
deriving (Eq, Ord)
data AreaId
= Old -- entry parameters, jumps, and returns share one call area at old end of stack
= Old -- See Note [Old Area]
| Young BlockId
deriving (Eq, Ord)
{- Note [Old Area]
There is a single call area 'Old', allocated at the extreme old
end of the stack frame (ie just younger than the return address)
which holds:
* incoming (overflow) parameters,
* outgoing (overflow) parameter to tail calls,
* outgoing (overflow) result values
* the update frame (if any)
Its size is the max of all these requirements. On entry, the stack
pointer will point to the youngest incoming parameter, which is not
necessarily at the young end of the Old area.
End of note -}
type SubArea = (Area, Int, Int) -- area, offset, width
type SubAreaSet = FiniteMap Area [SubArea]
type AreaMap = FiniteMap Area Int
......@@ -85,18 +85,31 @@ data Last
-- one -> second block etc
-- Undefined outside range, and when there's a Nothing
| LastCall { -- A call (native or safe foreign)
cml_target :: CmmExpr, -- never a CmmPrim to a CallishMachOp!
cml_cont :: Maybe BlockId,
cml_target :: CmmExpr, -- never a CmmPrim to a CallishMachOp!
cml_cont :: Maybe BlockId,
-- BlockId of continuation (Nothing for return or tail call)
cml_args :: ByteOff, -- byte offset for youngest outgoing arg
-- (includes update frame, which must be younger)
cml_ret_args:: ByteOff, -- byte offset for youngest incoming arg
cml_ret_off :: Maybe UpdFrameOffset}
-- stack offset for return (update frames);
cml_args :: ByteOff,
-- Byte offset, from the *old* end of the Area associated with
-- the BlockId (if cml_cont = Nothing, then Old area), of
-- youngest outgoing arg. Set the stack pointer to this before
-- transferring control.
-- (NB: an update frame might also have been stored in the Old
-- area, but it'll be in an older part than the args.)
cml_ret_args :: ByteOff,
-- For calls *only*, the byte offset for youngest returned value
-- This is really needed at the *return* point rather than here
-- at the call, but in practice it's convenient to record it here.
cml_ret_off :: Maybe UpdFrameOffset
-- Stack offset for return (update frames);
-- The return offset should be Nothing only if we have to create
-- a new call, e.g. for a procpoint, in which case it's an invariant
-- that the call does not stand for a return or a tail call,
-- and the successor does not need an info table.
data MidCallTarget -- The target of a MidUnsafeCall
= ForeignTarget -- A foreign procedure
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