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    Merging in the new codegen branch · 176fa33f
    dias@eecs.harvard.edu authored
    This merge does not turn on the new codegen (which only compiles
    a select few programs at this point),
    but it does introduce some changes to the old code generator.
    The high bits:
    1. The Rep Swamp patch is finally here.
       The highlight is that the representation of types at the
       machine level has changed.
       Consequently, this patch contains updates across several back ends.
    2. The new Stg -> Cmm path is here, although it appears to have a
       fair number of bugs lurking.
    3. Many improvements along the CmmCPSZ path, including:
       o stack layout
       o some code for infotables, half of which is right and half wrong
       o proc-point splitting