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    Migrate errors to diagnostics in GHC.Tc.Module · 4d29ecdf
    sheaf authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    This commit migrates the errors in GHC.Tc.Module to use the new
    diagnostic infrastructure.
    It required a significant overhaul of the compatibility checks between
    an hs-boot or signature module and its implementation; we now use
    a Writer monad to accumulate errors; see the BootMismatch datatype
    in GHC.Tc.Errors.Types, with its panoply of subtypes.
    For the sake of readability, several local functions inside the
    'checkBootTyCon' function were split off into top-level functions.
    We split off GHC.Types.HscSource into a "boot or sig" vs "normal hs file"
    datatype, as this mirrors the logic in several other places where we
    want to treat hs-boot and hsig files in a similar fashion.
    This commit also refactors the Backpack checks for type synonyms
    implementing abstract data, to correctly reject implementations that
    contain qualified or quantified types (this fixes #23342 and #23344).