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    rts: Add --internal-counters RTS flag and several counters · 2918abf7
    duog authored
    The existing internal counters:
    * gc_alloc_block_sync
    * whitehole_spin
    * gen[g].sync
    * gen[1].sync
    are now not shown in the -s report unless --internal-counters is also passed.
    If --internal-counters is passed we now show the counters above, reformatted, as
    well as several other counters. In particular, we now count the yieldThread()
    calls that SpinLocks do as well as their spins.
    The added counters are:
    * gc_spin (spin and yield)
    * mut_spin (spin and yield)
    * whitehole_threadPaused (spin only)
    * whitehole_executeMessage (spin only)
    * whitehole_lockClosure (spin only)
    * waitForGcThreadsd (spin and yield)
    As well as the following, which are not SpinLock-like things:
    * any_work
    * do_work
    * scav_find_work
    See the Note for descriptions of what these counters are.
    We add busy_wait_nops in these loops along with the counter increment where it
    was absent.
    Old internal counters output:
    gc_alloc_block_sync: 0
    whitehole_gc_spin: 0
    gen[0].sync: 0
    gen[1].sync: 0
    New internal counters output:
    Internal Counters:
                                               Spins        Yields
        gc_alloc_block_sync                      323             0
        gc_spin                              9016713           752
        mut_spin                            57360944         47716
        whitehole_gc                               0           n/a
        whitehole_threadPaused                     0           n/a
        whitehole_executeMessage                   0           n/a
        whitehole_lockClosure                      0             0
        waitForGcThreads                           2           415
        gen[0].sync                                6             0
        gen[1].sync                                1             0
        any_work                                2017
        no_work                                 2014
        scav_find_work                          1004
    Test Plan:
    Check it builds with #define PROF_SPIN removed from includes/rts/Config.h
    Reviewers: bgamari, erikd, simonmar, hvr
    Reviewed By: simonmar
    Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter
    GHC Trac Issues: #3553, #9221
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4302
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