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    [project @ 2001-09-17 09:51:23 by simonmar] · 488d5cc3
    simonmar authored
    Knock the FFI documentation into some sort of shape for the release:
    - The blurb about "the FFI is in two/three parts..." was repeated in
      three places.  We also at some point seem to have lost the property
      that the FFI spec is a self-contained document; I don't try to fix
      that here, since we're going to replace it with the new spec at some
    - Replace references to Addr and ForeignObj with Ptr and ForeignPtr.
    - Remove mentions of GHC's ByteArray and MutableByteArray types, as
      these are deprecated and will be removed in a couple of versions.
      (mostly subsumed by allocaBytes and friends).
    - Catch up with GHC's removal of the library specification from foreign
      import.  Mention that libraries are specified in a compiler-dependent
      way now, and that GHC uses either packages or command-line opts for
    - Fix up some markup.
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