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    [project @ 2003-02-22 04:51:50 by sof] · 557947d3
    sof authored
    Clean up code&interfaces that deals with timers and asynchrony:
    - Timer.{c,h} now defines the platform-independent interface
      to the timing services needed by the RTS. Itimer.{c,h} +
      win32/Ticker.{c,h} defines the OS-specific services that
      creates/destroys a timer.
    - For win32 plats, drop the long-standing use of the 'multimedia'
      API timers and implement the ticking service ourselves. Simpler
      and more flexible.
    - Select.c is now solely for platforms that use select() to handle
      non-blocking I/O & thread delays. win32/AwaitEvent.c provides
      the same API on the Win32 side.
    - support threadDelay on win32 platforms via worker threads.
    Not yet compiled up on non-win32 platforms; will do once checked in.