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    Wibble to Taming the Kind Inference Monster · 5b7ca039
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    I had allowed rename/should_fail/T15828 (Trac #15828) to regress a bit.
    The main payload of this patch is to fix that problem, at the cost of
    more contortions in checkConsistentFamInst.  Oh well, at least they are
    highly localised.
    I also update the -ddump-types code in TcRnDriver to print out some
    more expicit information about each type constructor, thus instead of
       DF{3} :: forall k. * -> k -> *
    we get
       data family DF{3} :: forall k. * -> k -> *
    Remember, this is debug-printing only.  This change is the reason
    that so many .stderr files change.
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