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    [project @ 2000-07-11 15:26:33 by sewardj] · 6254fd4a
    Julian Seward authored
    Fix up the sparc native code generator.  Mostly dull stuff.  Notable
    * Cleaned up ccall mechanism for sparc somewhat.
    * Rearranged assignment of sparc floating point registers (includes/MachRegs.h)
      so the NCG's register allocator can handle the double-single pairing
      issue without modification.  Split VirtualRegF into VirtualRegF and
      VirtualRegD, and split RcFloating into RcFloat and RcDouble.  Net effect
      is that there are now three register classes -- int, float and double,
      and we pretend that sparc has some float and some double real regs.
    * (A fix for all platforms): propagate MachFloats through as StFloats,
      not StDoubles.  Amazingly, until now literal floats had been converted
      to and treated as doubles, including in ccalls.