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    [WIP] Support run GHC's test from hadrian. (#495) · 63a55638
    Tao He authored
    * Support run GHC's test from hadrian.
    1. Necessary command line arguments to run test driver.
       + `--test-only=<TEST_CASE>`
       + `--test-skip-perf`
       + `--test-summary=<SUMMARY_FILE>`
       + `--test-junit=<SUMMARY_FILE>`
       + `--test-config=<EXTRA_TEST_CONFIG>`
    2. Synchronize configurations from test.mk.
    3. Synchronize GHC's compilation flags from test.mk (that's very important).
    * The `RunTest` builder and `test` rule to run GHC's test.
    * Timeout rules.
    * Reduce boilerplate.
    * Fix warning.
    * Move getTestArgs into Settings.Builders.RunTest.
    * Drop `validate` related code to avoid confusion.
    * Replace explicit `chmod +x` with `makeExecutable`.
    * Fix executable's extension.
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