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    [project @ 1999-10-05 10:30:26 by simonmar] · 67fe852e
    Simon Marlow authored
    Build System Cleanup
    This commit is intended to clear the way for automatic RPM building.
    In particular, the idea is that 'make install' doesn't build anything,
    so you can do
    	make install prefix=/some/tmp/prefix
    to install everything in /some/tmp/prefix, but leave the hardwired-in
    install directories the same.
    For scripts that depend on the install dir (currently just the GHC
    driver and mkdependHS), we now build two versions: <script>-inplace,
    which is used for running the script from the build tree, and
    <script>, which is the to-be-installed version.
    NOTE: binary distributions are now a little bit trickier to build.
    You *must* include the line "BIN_DIST=1" in your if you
    intend to make a binary distribution from the current build tree.
    This is because certain scripts have to be built differently, and we
    don't rebuild them when doing 'make binary-dist' anymore (since 'make
    binary-dist' just does a 'make install' with a re-targetted prefix,
    just like the RPM builder).
    Other changes
    	- the binary-dist machinery is now all in fptools/Makefile
    	- removed a gratuitous $(package)-$(version) level of
    	  directories from the binary distribution.
    	- binary distributions are now placed under the package
    	  name, rather than fptools/fptools.
    	- various other minor cleanups.