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    Cmm: introduce SAVE_REGS/RESTORE_REGS · 7750bd45
    Sylvain Henry authored
    We don't want to save both Fn and Dn register sets on x86-64 as they are
    aliased to the same arch register (XMMn).
    Moreover, when SAVE_STGREGS was used in conjunction with `jump foo [*]`
    which makes a set of Cmm registers alive so that they cover all arch
    registers used to pass parameter, we could have Fn, Dn and XMMn alive at
    the same time. It made the LLVM code generator choke (see #17920).
    Now `SAVE_REGS/RESTORE_REGS` and `jump foo [*]` use the same set of
Code owners : Ömer Sinan Ağacan and Simon Marlow
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