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    Implement poly-kinded Typeable · 94d8b995
    jpm@cs.ox.ac.uk authored
    This patch makes the Data.Typeable.Typeable class work with arguments of any
    kind. In particular, this removes the Typeable1..7 class hierarchy, greatly
    simplyfing the whole Typeable story. Also added is the AutoDeriveTypeable
    language extension, which will automatically derive Typeable for all types and
    classes declared in that module. Since there is now no good reason to give
    handwritten instances of the Typeable class, those are ignored (for backwards
    compatibility), and a warning is emitted.
    The old, kind-* Typeable class is now called OldTypeable, and lives in the
    Data.OldTypeable module. It is deprecated, and should be removed in some future
    version of GHC.
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