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    [project @ 2000-05-18 13:55:36 by sewardj] · 963cf411
    Julian Seward authored
    Teach the NCG about the dereferencing and naming conventions to be
    used when compiling for a DLLised world.  Some cleanups on the way
    too.  The scheme is that
    * All CLabels which are in different DLLs from the current module
      will, via the renamer, already be such that labelDynamic returns
      True for them.
    * Redo the StixPrim/StixMacro stuff so that all references to symbols
      in the RTS are via CLabels.  That means that the usual labelDynamic
      story can be used.
    * When a label is printed in PprMach, labelDynamic is consulted, to
      generate the __imp_ prefix if necessary.
    * In MachCode.stmt2Instrs, selectively ask derefDLL to walk trees
      before code generation and insert deferencing code around other-DLL
    * When generating Stix for SRTs, add 1 to other-DLL refs.
    * When generating static closures, insert a zero word before
      the _closure label.