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    Improve the interaction of 'seq' and associated data types · 9670d664
    simonpj@microsoft.com authored
    Roman produced programs involving associated types that did not optimise well.
    His programs were something like this:
      data family T a
      data instance T Int = MkT Bool Char
      bar :: T Int -> Int
      bar t = t `seq` loop 0
    	  loop = ...
    You'd think that the `seq` should unbox 't' outside the loop, since
    a (T Int) is just a MkT pair.  
    The most robust way to make this happen is for the simplifier to understand
    a bit about type-family instances.   See 
    	Note [Improving seq]
    in Simplify.lhs.  We use FamInstEnv.topNormaliseType to do the interesting
    To make this happen I did a bit of refactoring to the simplifier
    I'd previously done a very similar transformation in LiberateCase, but it
    was happening too late.  So this patch takes it out of LiberateCase as
    well as adding it to Simplify.
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