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    Misc cleanup · e33412d0
    Krzysztof Gogolewski authored and  Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    * Remove `getTag_RDR` (unused), `tidyKind` and `tidyOpenKind`
      (already available as `tidyType` and `tidyOpenType`)
    * Remove Note [Explicit Case Statement for Specificity].
      Since 0a709dd9 we require GHC 8.10 for bootstrapping.
    * Change the warning to `cmpAltCon` to a panic.
      This shouldn't happen.  If it ever does, the code was wrong anyway:
      it shouldn't always return `LT`, but rather `LT` in one case
      and `GT` in the other case.
    * Rename `verifyLinearConstructors` to `verifyLinearFields`
    * Fix `Note [Local record selectors]` which was not referenced
    * Remove vestiges of `type +v`
    * Minor fixes to StaticPointers documentation, part of #15603
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