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    [project @ 2004-10-07 15:54:03 by wolfgang] · b4d045ae
    wolfgang authored
    Position Independent Code and Dynamic Linking Support, Part 1
    This commit allows generation of position independent code (PIC) that fully supports dynamic linking on Mac OS X and PowerPC Linux.
    Other platforms are not yet supported, and there is no support for actually linking or using dynamic libraries - so if you use the -fPIC or -dynamic code generation flags, you have to type your (platform-specific) linker command lines yourself.
    New file. Look here for some more comments on how this works.
    Add support for DynamicLinkerLabels and PIC base labels - for use inside the NCG.
    needsCDecl: Case alternative labels now need C decls, see the codeGen/CgInfoTbls.hs below for details
    Add CmmPicBaseReg (used in NCG),
    and CmmLabelDiffOff (used in NCG and for offsets in info tables)
    support offsets in info tables
    support CmmLabelDiffOff
    Case alternative labels now need C dec...