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    [project @ 2000-05-23 11:35:36 by simonpj] · bb91427f
    simonpj authored
    *** MERGE WITH 4.07 (once I've checked it works) ***
    * Fix result type signatures.  Note that a consequential change is that
      an ordinary binding with a variable on the left
    	f = e
      is now treated as a FunMonoBind, not a PatMonoBind.  This makes
      a few things a bit simpler (eg rnMethodBinds)
    * Fix warnings for unused imports.  This meant moving where provenances
      are improved in RnNames.  Move mkExportAvails from RnEnv to RnNames.
    * Print module names right (small change in Module.lhs and Rename.lhs)
    * Remove a few unused bindings
    * Add a little hack to let us print info about join points that turn
      out not to be let-no-escaped.  The idea is to call them "$j" and report
      any such variables that are not let-no-escaped.
    * Some small things aiming towards -ddump-types (harmless but incomplete)