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    [project @ 2001-05-24 13:59:09 by simonpj] · cbdeae8f
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    	More stuff towards generalising 'foreign' declarations
    This is the second step towards generalising 'foreign' declarations to
    handle langauges other than C.  Now I can handle
      foreign import dotnet type T
      foreign import dotnet "void Foo.Baz.f( T )" f :: T -> IO ()
    			** WARNING **
    	I believe that all the foreign stuff for C should
    	work exactly as before, but I have not tested it
    	thoroughly.  Sven, Manuel, Marcin: please give it a
    	whirl and compare old with new output.
    Lots of fiddling around with data types.  The main changes are
    * HsDecls.lhs
    	The ForeignDecl type and its friends
    	Note also the ForeignType constructor to TyClDecl
    * ForeignCall.lhs
    	Here's where the stuff that survives right through
    	compilation lives
    * TcForeign.lhs DsForeign.lhs
    	Substantial changes driven by the new data types
    * Parser.y ParseIface.y RnSource
    	Just what you'd expect