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    hadrian: allow offline bootstrapping · a8fb4251
    Zubin authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    This patch adds the ability to fetch and store dependencies needed for
    boostrapping hadrian. By default the script will download the
    dependencies from the network but some package managers disallow network
    access so there are also options to build given a supplied tarball.
    The -s option allos you to provide the tarball
    -d plan-bootstrap-8.10.5.json -w /path/to-ghc -s sources-tarball.tar.gz
    Which dependencies you need can be queried using the `list-sources` option.
    list-sources -d plan-bootstrap-8.10.5.json
    This produces `fetch_plan.json` which tells you where to get each source from.
    You can instruct the script to create the tarball using the `fetch` option.
    fetch -d plan-bootstrap-8.10.5.json -o sources-tarball.tar.gz
    Together these commands mean you can build GHC without needing
    Fixes #17103
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