Commit 7ed63dba authored by sewardj's avatar sewardj
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[project @ 2000-01-25 19:33:32 by sewardj]

Handle float args correctly for x86 ccalls.
parent 172e212b
......@@ -2307,15 +2307,14 @@ genCCall fn cconv kind args
get_call_arg arg old_sz
= get_op arg `thenUs` \ (code, reg, sz) ->
let new_sz = old_sz + arg_size sz
case sz of
DF -> returnUs (new_sz,
in if (case sz of DF -> True; F -> True; _ -> False)
then returnUs (new_sz,
code .
mkSeqInstr (GST DF reg
mkSeqInstr (GST sz reg
(AddrBaseIndex (Just esp)
Nothing (ImmInt (- new_sz))))
_ -> returnUs (new_sz,
else returnUs (new_sz,
code .
mkSeqInstr (MOV sz (OpReg reg)
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