Commit b0fb0595 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1997-03-20 22:59:08 by sof]

Added DOC_INFO variable
parent 9f74e0f1
......@@ -240,15 +240,16 @@ MOSTLY_CLEAN_FILES += \
# DOC_DVI = list of DVI files to generate.
# DOC_HTML = list of HTML files to generate
# DOC_TEXI = list of TexInfo files to generate
# DOC_INFO = list of Emacs Info files to generate
# DOC_TEXT = list of simple text files to generate
DOC_SRCS=$(wildcard *.tex *.lit)
DOC_DVI =$(addsuffix .dvi,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
DOC_PS =$(addsuffix .ps,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
DOC_TEXI=$(addsuffix .texi,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
DOC_INFO=$(addsuffix .info,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
DOC_HTML=$(addsuffix .html,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
DOC_TEXT=$(addsuffix .txt,$(basename $(DOC_SRCS)))
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