Commit c409961a authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott Committed by Marge Bot
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Update commentary and slightly refactor GHC.Tc.Deriv.Infer

There was some out-of-date commentary in `GHC.Tc.Deriv.Infer` that
has been modernized. Along the way, I removed the `bad` constraints
in `simplifyDeriv`, which did not serve any useful purpose (besides
being printed in debugging output).

Fixes #18073.
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......@@ -803,28 +803,31 @@ simplifyDeriv pred tvs thetas
; solved_wanteds <- zonkWC solved_wanteds
-- Split the resulting constraints into bad and good constraints,
-- building an @unsolved :: WantedConstraints@ representing all
-- the constraints we can't just shunt to the predicates.
-- See Note [Exotic derived instance contexts]
-- From the simplified constraints extract a subset 'good' that will
-- become the context 'min_theta' for the derived instance.
; let residual_simple = approximateWC True solved_wanteds
(bad, good) = partitionBagWith get_good residual_simple
get_good :: Ct -> Either Ct PredType
good = mapMaybeBag get_good residual_simple
-- Returns @Just p@ (where @p@ is the type of the Ct) if a Ct is
-- suitable to be inferred in the context of a derived instance.
-- Returns @Nothing@ if the Ct is too exotic.
-- See Note [Exotic derived instance contexts] for what
-- constitutes an exotic constraint.
get_good :: Ct -> Maybe PredType
get_good ct | validDerivPred skol_set p
, isWantedCt ct
= Right p
= Just p
-- TODO: This is wrong
-- NB re 'isWantedCt': residual_wanted may contain
-- unsolved CtDerived and we stick them into the
-- bad set so that reportUnsolved may decide what
-- to do with them
| otherwise
= Left ct
= Nothing
where p = ctPred ct
; traceTc "simplifyDeriv outputs" $
vcat [ ppr tvs_skols, ppr residual_simple, ppr good, ppr bad ]
vcat [ ppr tvs_skols, ppr residual_simple, ppr good ]
-- Return the good unsolved constraints (unskolemizing on the way out.)
; let min_theta = mkMinimalBySCs id (bagToList good)
......@@ -838,6 +841,10 @@ simplifyDeriv pred tvs thetas
-- The reverse substitution (sigh)
-- Ensure that min_theta is enough to solve /all/ the constraints in
-- solved_wanteds, by solving the implication constraint
-- forall tvs. min_theta => solved_wanteds
; min_theta_vars <- mapM newEvVar min_theta
; (leftover_implic, _)
<- buildImplicationFor tc_lvl skol_info tvs_skols
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