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Draft: Add -fdistinct-constructor-tables-per-module

Finley McIlwaine requested to merge wip/t23812 into master

NOTE: This is currently based on !10958. Once that is in, I will rebase on HEAD and unmark this as a draft.

Introduces the -fdistinct-constructor-tables-per-module flag, which has the same behavior as the -fdistinct-constructor-tables flag, except it only results in a single info table being created for all equivalent data constructors used in a module. This allows for per-module profiling of constructor allocations, and will result in smaller executables with -finfo-table-map.

Adds a test that checks the results of whereFrom with different -fdistinct-constructor-table-per-module configurations.

Fixes #23812

Edited by Finley McIlwaine

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