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Expand binary size testing infrastructure

doyougnu requested to merge doyougnu/ghc:doyougnu/ts/cabal-size-artifact into master

closes: #24191 (closed)


  • fix in-tree vs out-tree warning. These might never match because of the value of distdir
  • add tests for ghc binary
  • add tests for the rest of the libs, currently just proof of concept with Cabal.
  • Full CI passes
  • Squash and rename commit message to refer to #24191 (closed)
  • no more DYG todos
  • remove version numbers from checks, won't do, I deemed this not worth it because it would mean patching collect_size_dir to fuzzy match just like find_so and I find that to be less KISS. It should not be too much of an issue to the tests when we update submodules.
  • rebase
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