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Introduce support for profiled dynamic way

Matthew Pickering requested to merge wip/prof-dyn into master

The main payload of this change is to hadrian.

  • Default settings will produced dynamic profiled objects
  • -fexternal-interpreter is turned on in some situations when there is an incompatibility between host GHC and the way attempting to be built.
  • Very few changes actually needed to GHC

There are also necessary changes to the bootstrap plans to work with the vendored Cabal dependency. These changes should ideally be reverted by the next GHC release.

In hadrian support is added for building profiled dynamic libraries (nothing too exciting to see there)

Updates hadrian to use a vendored Cabal submodule, it is important that we replace this usage with a released version of Cabal library before the 9.12 release.

Fixes #21594 (closed)

Metric Increase: libdir

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