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WIP: Per package configure -- contains other PRs

John Ericson requested to merge Ericson2314/ghc:per-package-configure into master

Extremely WIP

Fixes #17191 (closed)

CC @angerman @alp @bgamari

Please take a few moments to verify that your commits fulfill the following:

  • are either individually buildable or squashed
  • have commit messages which describe what they do (referring to Notes and tickets using #NNNN syntax when appropriate)
  • have added source comments describing your change. For larger changes you likely should add a Note and cross-reference it from the relevant places.
  • add a testcase to the testsuite.
  • replace this message with a description motivating your change

If you have any questions don't hesitate to open your merge request and inquire in a comment. If your patch isn't quite done yet please do add prefix your MR title with WIP:.

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