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Optimize dumping of consecutive whitespace.

Andreas Klebinger requested to merge wip/andreask/opt_dumps into master
Optimize dumping of consecutive whitespace which currently costs a lot
of performance when using -ddump-to-file.

The naive way of putting out n characters of indent would be something
like `hPutStr hdl (replicate n ' ')`. However this is quite inefficient
as we allocate an absurd number of strings consisting of simply spaces
as we don't cache them.

To improve on this we now track if we can simply write ascii spaces via
hPutBuf instead. This is the case when running with -ddump-to-file where
we force the encoding to be UTF8.

This avoids both the cost of going through encoding as well as avoiding
allocation churn from all the white space. Instead we simply use hPutBuf
on a preallocated unlifted string.

When dumping stg like this:

> nofib/spectral/simple/Main.hs -fforce-recomp -ddump-stg-final -ddump-to-file -c +RTS -s

Allocations went from 1,778 MB to 1,702MB. About a 4% reduction of
allocation! I did not measure the difference in runtime but expect it
to be similar.
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