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Fix some problems with the hadrian produced bindist

Matthew Pickering requested to merge wip/hadrian-bindist into master
  • testsuite: Add more debug output on failure to call ghc-pkg
  • hadrian: Call ghc-pkg recache after copying package database into bindist
  • hadrian: Add exe suffix to executables in testsuite
  • hadrian: Install windows bindist by copying in test_hadrian
  • packaging: Don't include configure scripts in windows bindist (#19868 (closed))
  • packaging: Add note about wrappers
  • packaging: Create both versioned and unversioned executables (#20074 (closed))
  • hadrian: Remove special haddock copying rule
  • hadrian: Update hsc2hs wrapper to match current master
  • packaging: Give ghc-pkg the same version as ProjectVersion (#20087 (closed))
  • packaging: Be more precise about which executables to copy and wrappers to create
Edited by Matthew Pickering

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