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hadrian: Disable verbose timing information

Matthew Pickering requested to merge wip/t20381 into master

Before the output contain a lot of verbose information about timining various things to do with shake which wasn't so useful for developers.

shakeArgsWith                        0.000s    0%
Function shake                       0.010s    0%
Database read                        0.323s   12%  ===
With database                        0.031s    1%
Running rules                        2.301s   86%  =========================
Pool finished (1786 threads, 5 max)  0.003s    0%
Cleanup                              0.000s    0%
Total                                2.669s  100%
Build completed in 2.67s

Now the output just contains the last line

Build completed in 2.67s

Ticket #20381 (closed)

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