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Give the RTS it's own empty configure script

John Ericson requested to merge wip/rts-configure-0 into master

Currently it doesn't do much anything, we are just trying to introduce it without breaking the build. Later, we will move functionality from the top-level configure script over to it.

We need to bump Cabal for; to facilitate and existing hack of skipping some configure checks for the RTS we now need to skip just part not all of the "post configure" hook, as running the configure script (which we definitely want to do) is also implemented as part of the "post configure" hook. But doing this requires exposing functionality that wasn't exposed before.

In !6803 (closed) / !9269 (closed) I have some issues I haven't quite gotten to the bottom to yet, but I think this first step can be more easily made to work. If we are OK with the general plan #17191 (closed), then it might be worthwhile to land this anyways so the follow-up work of moving logic here can proceed in parallel.

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