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getProcessCPUTime: Fix the getrusage fallback to account for system CPU time

Matthew Pickering requested to merge wip/get_r_usage into master

clock_gettime reports the combined total or user AND system time so in order to replicate it with getrusage we need to add both system and user time together.


Some sample measurements when building Cabal with this patch

t1: rusage t2: clock_gettime

t1: 62347518000; t2: 62347520873
t1: 62395687000; t2: 62395690171
t1: 62432435000; t2: 62432437313
t1: 62478489000; t2: 62478492465
t1: 62514990000; t2: 62514992534
t1: 62515479000; t2: 62515480327
t1: 62515485000; t2: 62515486344

Fixes #21656 (closed)

Edited by Matthew Pickering

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