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Non-punning list and tuple syntax

Proposal 475

Builds on !8735 (closed)

Tracking ticket: #21294

  • Rename boxed tuple tycons
  • Rename unboxed tuple tycons
  • Rename constraint tuple tycons
  • Add type families for syntax like Tuple (Int, Double)
  • Fix inference issues with Tuple
  • Add extension ListTuplePuns
  • Parse boxed tuple syntax in types as datacon
  • Parse list syntax in types as datacon
  • Prohibit quote-promotion of tuples
  • Prohibit quote-promotion of tuple tycons
  • Prohibit quote-promotion of lists
  • Prohibit use of unboxed syntax in types
  • Allow conventional constraint syntax with punning disabled
  • TH
  • complete pretty printing
  • users guide
  • Haddock update (MR)
  • Add extension to Cabal (PR)
  • Move exposed modules to ghc-experimental

Work sponsored by Tweag

Edited by Torsten Schmits

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