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Haddock interfaces produced from `.hi` files

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= Summary

This is a large architectural change to how Haddock interfaces are computed. This is a rebased variant of the second half of Simon Jakobi's (@sjakobi) Hi Haddock GSOC project.

The idea is to work over top of the contents of .hi files instead of over the internal compiler representations of ASTs. This has a wide array of benefits, but two main ones are:

  • Haddock doesn't necessarily need to recompile modules to generate docs - if the right .hi files already exist, it'll automatically load them. Even better: this is nothing more that the existing recompilation avoidance logic in GHC.

  • Haddock no longer operates over concrete syntax - all declarations in the final docs are the result of reifying a TyThing. This means that the docs can be somewhat agnostic of users' particular choice to add certain kind annotations, use certain special syntax, etc.

== Before

Very roughly the previous way this worked was:

  1. A plugin is installed that saves GHCs renamed and typechecked sources

  2. GhcMake.load' is used to load .hi-files into GHC

  3. The parsed and renamed sources in the typechecked module are traversed in various ways accumulating all the right info

== After

Now, the process

  1. GhcMake.load' is used to load .hi-files into GHC

  2. The loaded interfaces are traversed in dependency order to get the information required to generate documentation

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