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WIP: Draft: Ghcide blog post

Sven Tennie requested to merge supersven/homepage:ghcide_blog_post into master

This is a draft.

Open tasks:

  • Add short "How to use" section (VSCode, all dependencies in place).
    • Reference to the wiki for full description.
  • Be clearer on:
    • Why after many years it's now possible to use an IDE on GHC -- hie-bios based tooling
    • What the special configuration looks like -- so people with other complicated internal build systems can get an idea.
  • Better showcase. Youtube video?
    • Wait till all performance related PRs are merged
  • Section(s) on Improvements that myself (@mpickering) and Pepe made to ghcide to make the performance acceptable.
  • Grammar & spell checking (with grammarly or language tool)
  • Final "read through"
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