Move 32bit targets into 32bit tests

parent 2f5c9be6
......@@ -7,16 +7,14 @@ import Control.Monad (forM_)
main :: IO ()
main = hspec $ do
describe "asm parser" $ do
-- 64bit
forM_ [("x86_64 linux", "test/asm/x86_64-linux.s")
,("x86_64 macos", "test/asm/x86_64-mac.s")
,("x86_64 mingw", "test/asm/x86_64-mingw32.s")
,("aarch64 ios", "test/asm/aarch64-ios.s")
,("aarch64 linux","test/asm/aarch64.s")
,("sparc linux", "test/asm/sparc-linux.s")
,("sparc64 linux","test/asm/sparc64-linux.s")
,("mips linux", "test/asm/mips-linux.s")
,("mips64 linux", "test/asm/mips64-linux.s")
,("powerpc linux","test/asm/powerpc-linux.s")
,("powerpc64 linux","test/asm/powerpc64-linux.s")
,("powerpc64le linux","test/asm/powerpc64le-linux.s")
,("hppa linux", "test/asm/hppa-linux.s")
......@@ -41,10 +39,14 @@ main = hspec $ do
it "t should be \"Hello World\\\"\\n\\0\"" $ do
lookupString "t" x `shouldBe` (Just "Hello World\" 12345\0")
-- 32 bit
forM_ [("arm ios", "test/asm/arm-ios.s")
,("arm linux", "test/asm/arm.s")
,("x86 linux", "test/asm/x86-linux.s")]
,("x86 linux", "test/asm/x86-linux.s")
,("sparc linux", "test/asm/sparc-linux.s")
,("mips linux", "test/asm/mips-linux.s")
,("powerpc linux","test/asm/powerpc-linux.s")
$ \(d, f) ->do
context d $ do
x <- runIO $ parse f
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