Commit 69649021 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott

Small Travis fix

parent 54de397f
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ matrix:
addons: {apt: {packages: [ghc-ppa-tools,cabal-install-2.2,ghc-7.2.2], sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- compiler: "ghc-7.0.4"
# can't build the testsuites dependencies with 7.0
env: UNCONSTRAINED=false TEST=--disable-tests BENCH=--disable-benchmarks
env: NOINSTALLEDCONSTRAINTS=true TEST=--disable-tests BENCH=--disable-benchmarks
addons: {apt: {packages: [ghc-ppa-tools,cabal-install-2.2,ghc-7.0.4], sources: [hvr-ghc]}}
- compiler: "ghc-head"
env: GHCHEAD=true
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