Commit 738f3666 authored by Moritz Angermann's avatar Moritz Angermann Committed by Ben Gamari Use the same conditional install logic from unlit

This removes the make concurrency bug from the CrossCompilation
fix, and uses the same appraoch `utils/unlit` already uses. See:

Reviewers: bgamari, O25 HSC2HS, hvr

Differential Revision:
parent 9483ad10
......@@ -5,27 +5,22 @@ utils/hsc2hs_dist_PROGNAME = hsc2hs
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_PROGNAME = hsc2hs
utils/hsc2hs_dist_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/hsc2hs_dist_INSTALL = NO
utils/hsc2hs_dist_INSTALL_INPLACE = YES
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_INSTALL = YES
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_INSTALL_INPLACE = NO
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/hsc2hs,dist,0))
# When CrossCompiling, we want to ship the binary for the
# host, not for the target. As such we need to compile
# with the Bootstrap compiler rather than with the in-tree
# stage1 compiler, which would result in a binary that
# won't run on the host.
ifeq "$(CrossCompiling)" "YES"
# compile with stage 0 (bootstrap compiler)
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/hsc2hs,dist-install,0))
ifeq "$(Stage1Only)" "YES"
utils/hsc2hs_dist_INSTALL = YES
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_INSTALL = NO
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/hsc2hs,dist-install,1))
utils/hsc2hs_dist_INSTALL = NO
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_INSTALL = YES
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/hsc2hs,dist,0))
$(eval $(call build-prog,utils/hsc2hs,dist-install,1))
# After build-prog above
utils/hsc2hs_dist-install_MODULES = $(utils/hsc2hs_dist_MODULES)
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