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......@@ -12,16 +12,20 @@ pick `$(which ghc)` or whatever the `HC` environment variable is set to.
Additional information can also be found on
[NoFib's wiki page](
There's also a `` helper script, which as name implies, is
automated and easy way to run `nofib`.
See the section at the end of README for its usage.
## Using
<summary>Git symlink support for Windows machines</summary>
NoFib uses a few symlinks here and there to share code between benchmarks.
Git for Windows has symlinks support for some time now, but
[it may not be enabled by default](
You will notice strange `make boot` failures if it's not enabled for you.
Make sure you follow the instructions in the link to enable symlink support,
possibly as simple as through `git config core.symlinks true` or cloning with
`git clone -c core.symlinks=true <URL>`.
......@@ -195,7 +199,7 @@ following (SG: I'm guessing here, have never run them):
### Stability wrt. GC paramerisations
Additionally, pay attention that your benchmarks are stable wrt. different
Additionally, pay attention that your benchmarks are stable wrt. different
GC paramerisations, so that small changes in allocation don't lead to big,
unexplicable jumps in performance. See #15999 for details. Also make sure
that you run the benchmark with the default GC settings, as enlarging Gen 0 or
......@@ -210,3 +214,20 @@ You can test stability by plotting productivity curves for your `fast` settings
with the `` script attached to #15999.
If in doubt, ask Sebastian Graf for help.
./ - easy nofib
Usage: ./ [ -m mode ] /path/to/baseline/ghc /path/to/new/ghc"
GHC paths can point to the root of the GHC repository,
if it's build with Hadrian.
Available options:
-m MODE nofib mode: fast norm slow
This script caches the results using the sha256 of ghc executable.
Remove these files, if you want to rerun the benchmark.
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