Commit dc3e92e1 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

remove use of MKDEPENDC

mkdepenC has gone away, and we don't care about C sources in nofib anyway
parent e6f3c4a2
......@@ -88,9 +88,6 @@ depend :: $(MKDEPENDHS_SRCS) $(MKDEPENDC_SRCS) $(PKGCONF_DEP)
ifneq "$(DOC_SRCS)" ""
$(MKDEPENDLIT) -o .depend $(MKDEPENDLIT_OPTS) $(filter %.lit,$(DOC_SRCS))
ifneq "$(MKDEPENDC_SRCS)" ""
$(MKDEPENDC) -f .depend $(MKDEPENDC_OPTS) $(foreach way,$(WAYS),-s $(way)) -- $(CC_OPTS) -- $(MKDEPENDC_SRCS)
ifneq "$(MKDEPENDHS_SRCS)" ""
$(MKDEPENDHS) -M $(MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS) $(foreach obj,$(MKDEPENDHS_OBJ_SUFFICES),-osuf $(obj)) $(MKDEPENDHS_OPTS) $(filter-out -split-objs, $(HC_OPTS)) $(MKDEPENDHS_SRCS)
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